Eagle Alliance

As the Intelligence Community’s premier Information Technology (IT) managed services provider, Eagle Alliance combines best-in-class commercial practices with outstanding customer service.

Eagle Alliance was awarded a contract in 2001 by the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide the Intelligence Community with IT services, bringing industry-leading strong expertise, proven best commercial practices, and large-scale systems management. The contract is one of the DoD's largest-ever IT outsourcing efforts.

With Eagle Alliance providing world-class, innovative technology solutions, its customers have been able to respond more effectively to a rapidly changing mission, improve information assurance, and better focus their human resources on core missions.

Our Technology

Using and assessing a vast array of some of the newest, most exciting products and services available on the market today, Eagle Alliance is on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Careers

If you're interested in a career at Eagle Alliance, we invite you to take a look at our Careers page.

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