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Peter Kuhmerker
CMaaS Team
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About CMaaS

CSRA is uniquely positioned to help government take advantage of the best cybersecurity solutions and services on the market today. We have leveraged our experience protecting our commercial clients’ global networks and put together the strongest collection of tools and services for our public sector clients. We support federal agencies’ missions to respond to these ever-changing cyber threats and have made these leading tools and services available through our Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools, and Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).

Contract Overview

Our CMaaS solutions strengthen the cybersecurity of government networks. We understand that an agency can’t protect its assets without knowing the composition of its network. Our CMaaS tools and services allow federal and other government agencies to acquire cyber monitoring tools and services that protect networks through greater sensor capability, thereby “turning on the lights” in their environments.

Our comprehensive and integrated set of tools and services—proven in both our private and public sector clients’ networks—improve perimeter defense and support efforts to increase Federal Information Security Management Act scores. By using selected tools from the CMaaS BPA, agencies can maintain mission focus and remain confident in their enterprise IT’s integrity.

We deliver CMaaS to some of the world’s most sensitive and frequently targeted networks. Our partners with global financial institutions, defense industry manufacturers and healthcare providers as well as U.S. federal clients, including major U.S. intelligence agencies. We support their evolution from a vulnerable posture based on reporting and after-action clean-up to a proactive posture, with integrated tools and services delivering situational awareness and the ability to manage and prioritize risks. Our deep global relationships with industry-leading CDM tool vendors ensure that we stay ahead of new and evolving threats.

CSRA is already delivering CMaaS solutions for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), building enterprise-class service offerings through our work with the Stennis Data Center. We provide a host of multi-tenant data center consolidated services for DHS components, including managed hosting services, facilities management and cloud service offerings.

Our approach to this BPA matches our approach to CMaaS: We believe that no single provider can understand the myriad, changing threats to our cyber environments. We have therefore collected, vetted and selected the industry’s best cybersecurity tools, systems, training and integration services. Our entire team of CTAs and subcontractors consists of small businesses.


  • Proven, tested and trusted industry CDM and CMaaS solutions
  • Enterprise situational awareness and real-time response to priority threats
  • Comprehensive CDM and CMaaS that extends beyond the static enterprise to include mobile
  • Comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that secures all points of entry
  • Open and transparent communications
  • Proactive risk identification and rapid issue resolution
  • Specific and relevant BPA experience with DHS

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