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Program Manager
Lauren Moriarty
Contract Number: 
HC 1028-08-D-2026
Contract Holder: 
SRA International
Contract Type: 


ENCORE II Information Technology Solutions IDIQ contract provides technical solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of its migration to an integrated and interoperable Global Information Grid (GIG), as well as other Federal agencies having similar Information Technology (IT) migration and integration needs. 

The scope of this effort includes all activities within the Military Services and DoD. Other Federal agencies may utilize this contract to satisfy their Information Technology (IT) requirements after making the appropriate Economy Act Determination in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 17.5). IT solutions encompass a range of capabilities from old legacy systems to new, emerging net-centric technologies. As a result, the contractor shall assist the government in providing IT solutions for activities throughout all operating levels of all customer organizations in support of all functional requirements including Command and Control (C2), Intelligence, and Mission support areas, and to all elements of the GIG. The contractor shall assist the government by furnishing all personnel, products, materials, facilities, travel, services, managed services and other items needed to satisfy the worldwide development, deployment, operation, maintenance and sustainment requirements of DISA and its customers.

Our ENCORE II team is comprised of leaders in the industry that provide a diverse set of services, customers, and capabilities. We provide effective command and control and IT solutions that focus on processing and disseminating actionable information to decision-makers and warfighters alike. We selected our industry partners for ENCORE II based on a key primary objective: our collective ability to rapidly deliver capabilities and solutions to DISA and users of the ENCORE II contract.

Task Areas & Capabilities

Task Area 1 - Enterprise IT Policy and Planning

Task Area 2 - Integrated Solutions Management

Task Area 3 - Performance Benchmarking

Task Area 4 - Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Task Area 5 - Requirements Analysis

Task Area 6 - Market Research and Prototyping

Task Area 7 - Information and Knowledge Engineering

Task Area 8 - Custom Application Development

Task Area 9 - Product Integration

Task Area 10 - Test and Evaluation (T&E)

Task Area 11 - Asset Management

Task Area 12 - Communications Engineering

Task Area 13 - Security Engineering Certification and Accreditation

Task Area 14 - Telecommunications Support

Task Area 15 - Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

Task Area 16 - Web Services

Task Area 17 - Operations Support

Task Area 18 – Hardware

Task Area 19 – Software

Task Area 20 – Managed Services

Contract Details

Period of Performance: 
June 2008 - May 2018

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