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Eagle AllianceAs the Intelligence Community’s premier Information Technology (IT) managed services provider, Eagle Alliance combines best-in-class commercial practices with outstanding customer service.

Eagle Alliance was awarded a contract in 2001 by the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide the Intelligence Community with IT services, bringing industry-leading strong expertise, proven best commercial practices, and large-scale systems management. The contract is one of the DoD's largest-ever IT outsourcing efforts.

With Eagle Alliance providing world-class, innovative technology solutions, its customers have been able to respond more effectively to a rapidly changing mission, improve information assurance, and better focus their human resources on core missions.


"Eagle Alliance is a very exciting place to work. We are provided the opportunity to perform an extremely important job for a very special customer who requires and demands cutting-edge technology. Eagle Alliance is constantly being pushed to hire the most talented employees and employ the best technologies available. We are a smaller company, but because we are fortunate enough to have the financial support of our parent company, we can afford to hire only the best. As a result, we have the time and resources to treat employees as individuals while, at the same time, recognizing their invaluable team contributions."