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September 12, 2017

Apple’s product announcements always generate a lot of buzz. It’s exciting to see what some of the world’s leading technologists are producing for consumers.

One obvious trend has been Apple’s continued advances in incorporating more and more artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics into its devices, including the newest, the iPhone X. That development is only natural, as technological innovation continues to advance. 

Here at CSRA, we’re excited about the promise of these technologies and their growing applications. We’ve been partnering with a number of emerging technology companies to harness the power of next-gen technologies, including artificial intelligence, biometrics, machine learning, and the internet of things, not to mention the cloud. In fact, we’re hosting our next Emerging Technology Day on October 25 at our headquarters in Falls Church, Va.

With our emerging technology partners, CSRA is helping improve the experience citizens have with their government, and we’re helping to advance the mission of our government customers—whether it’s improving health outcomes, protecting our environment, keeping our homeland safe, or giving our warfighters the best tools available to do their job.

We’re excited about the future—and we never stop thinking next. Now.