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October 25, 2017

“If there’s one place that is going to pioneer solving the big problems facing the world…it’s going to be the Washington, DC area,” said Evan Burfield, the co-founder of tech incubator 1776, the keynoter at CSRA’s Emerging Technology Day.

Evan Burfield, 1776
Evan Burfield, co-founder of tech incubator 1776,
gives the keynote at Emerging Tech Day.

The path to solving the biggest problems facing the United States depends on three very different communities – policy, industry, and startups – working together.  “Forums like CSRA’s Emerging Technology Day are unique because they bring these three communities together,” Burfield said.

Startups have to think differently when engaging government, but government has to think differently too, he said.

Startups can’t do it alone, because of scale requirements and domain expertise, he said. Government moves at a different speed from startups, and government likes to define solutions, rather than contracts based on outcomes.  This precludes creative solutions that startups can bring to the table.

That’s why CSRA’s emerging technology ecosystem is so well-suited to delivering the best solutions to advance government’s missions.

CSRA CEO Larry Prior at Emerging Tech Day
CSRA CEO Larry Prior kicks off Emerging Tech Day

To connect government to the startup community and these emerging technologies, “Our employees are the bridge,” said CSRA CEO Larry Prior. “We’re committed to easier, faster, and better.”

“Collaboration is the key to success, teaming with partners and with customers,” said CSRA CTO Yogesh Khanna.

Khanna quoted Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce, “As a company, you need to get to the future first, ahead of your customers, and be ready to greet them when they arrive.”

Government is seeking new ways to drive technology and innovation to provide solutions, Khanna said. “Together, we have an opportunity to create a pathway for our customers to reach their digital future.”

CSRA does that by mapping emerging technologies to customer needs, creating innovative, joint go-to-market plans.  This emerging tech ecosystem makes an enormous impact for our customers and differentiates CSRA in the marketplace.

CSRA’s Emerging Technology Day: Building an emerging tech ecosystem that helps CSRA deliver tomorrow, today.


Thank you to the eight companies that participated today: Cherwell, Cylance, DataRobot, Frame, Me4Sure, Peritus, Pondera, and Veriflow. You can learn more about these companies at

Emerging Tech Day participating companies