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September 28, 2017

CSRA Liftoff

In September 2017, CSRA hosted the Liftoff Design Thinking Challenge, a one-day, hands-on, competition-style event that brought together general aviation pilots, human experience professionals, technologists, and solution architects from across the company to engage in collaborative and innovation-generating Design Thinking methods.

The goal of Liftoff was to identify and explore pilot-centered opportunities for innovation in how general aviation pilots prepare for and conduct their flights and in their interactions with key FAA systems and processes.

Highlights from Liftoff

Highlights from CSRA's Liftoff

Building Skills, Brainstorming Ideas

CSRA colleagues participating in Liftoff were able to:

  • Gain hands-on knowledge/skills in a super-condensed learning environment. 
  • Connect with colleagues to form a CSRA community of licensed pilots.
  • Drive adoption and interest in future CSRA aviation community opportunities.
  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues across CSRA, with a focus on idea generation.

"Collaborative design with a pilot served as a source of inspiration and empathy; giving technical SMEs key insights into the challenges and needs of general aviation as well as clues to how technology might be applied to build a better future." - Coleman Team HX Professional, Jolie Dobre (CSRA)


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