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January 29, 2018

What excites your passions? When you think about your career, what makes you proudest? At CSRA, we are passionate about the missions of our government and military partners. It's that part of our DNA that excites us, drives us to constantly improve, and pushes us to innovate: go further, faster, go Next.


My name is Nick Trzcinski, and I am proud to lead a dedicated team of some 2000 CSRA professionals all over the world supporting our Sea Services: the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, and United States Coast Guard. Like many in my Business Area, I proudly served my time in uniform, but upon leaving the Submarine Service, I didn't lose my passion for the mission. At CSRA, I found a home that shares that passion.

One of my favorite duties is the many face-to-face visits I'm privileged to make with our CSRAers and Navy-USMC-USCG customers all around the globe. As I write this post today, I'm on my way to visit one of CSRA's premier programs: the OCONUS Navy network support team.  The CSRA OCONUS Navy network team has proudly served our deployed Sailors for over six years on the current contract (even longer on legacy overseas networks), and it is one of my very favorite programs to visit. Over the next two weeks, I'd like to share why. The mission of the CSRA OCONUS Navy network team is simple but vitally important: provide secure network support to our Navy wherever they need it, providing the communications pathways vital to keep our Fleets patrolling the sea lanes and championing the interests of the United States wherever they are threatened.

The men and women behind that mission are inspirational to me, and I want to share some of their passion with you. With each post, I'll profile some of our staff who serve through CSRA, living out at the tactical edge with our Sailors and Marines, and proudly providing vital services to our Fleet and Fleet Marine Force.

Although the mission of the OCONUS Navy network program is global, for CSRA our story begins close to home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Not far from the world's largest Naval Station in Norfolk, my Navy Infrastructure Account Manager, Treci Dimas, lives and works in support of an array of programs all supporting vital pieces of the Navy's information and communications infrastructure. Every program in her portfolio is special, but none is as far-reaching as the OCONUS Navy network program. Treci serves now through CSRA, but her first career and lasting legacy of excellence was in uniform.

A graduate of the Naval ROTC program at the University of Notre Dame, Treci supported the Fleet for over 30 years with multiple overseas assignments in Europe and the Middle East as well as a command tour as Commanding Officer Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Bahrain. We thank her always for her service in uniform, but her support to the Fleet did not end there. Joining CSRA in 2011, Treci has provided leadership to the CSRA OCONUS Navy network Program for over six years, sharing her expertise in Information Dominance, but also her passion to ensure every deployed Sailor, every Commander in the field, and every far flung installation can communicate securely and effectively.

From her home base in Virginia Beach, Treci communicates with the Navy's Program Office (PMW-205) in Washington, DC, as well as ensures our CSRA HQ facility in Falls Church, VA, is always supporting the OCONUS Navy network program as effectively as we can. Always in close contact with our CSRA OCONUS Navy network Program Manager in Yokosuka, Japan, Kevin McAllister, Treci is the experienced and energetic leader upon whom I rely, knowing she digs into the details of a complex and "no fail" Navy network enterprise spanning dozens of sites, tens of thousands of users, and nearly every time zone on the globe.

My first stop visiting the CSRA OCONUS Navy network team will be Yokosuka, Japan. I hope you will watch for my next post, where I'll share some of the stories of our talented team supporting our Pacific Fleet. One need not go further than the front page to realize how vitally important our Navy and Marine Corps assets are in that part of the world, and keeping them communicating is a charge we at CSRA proudly accept.