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June 7, 2017

Consensus might be scarce these days in Washington, but nearly everyone can rally around the potential benefits of moving to the cloud…lower costs, unlimited scale, faster innovation, and less complexity. That’s not to say, however, that the journey is an easy one, or that success is universally assured. There are plenty of twists and turns, which make it essential to have a trusted guide.

CSRA has blazed the trail with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Authorized Public Sector Partner, and Authorized Government Reseller, we’re with our Federal clients every step of the way—from strategy and roadmap planning through migration and implementation to managed services.  

We’ll be sharing our insight, innovation, and successes at the AWS Public Sector Summit, June 12-14, in Washington, D.C., and are pleased to give you a preview.

Front and Center at AWS Public Sector Summit

AWS is a powerful component of CSRA’s “Think Next. Now.” approach to supporting digital transformation in the Federal sector. As a Platinum sponsor of this year’s public sector summit, we will have several opportunities to engage and share our best and brightest ideas, leveraging the AWS platform, including AWS GovCloud (US).

In the Booth

Look for us in Booth 528, where we will showcase our end-to-end AWS competencies, as well as leading-edge solutions. 

Learn about CSRA’s complete AWS Managed Cloud Services, the newest addition to our AWS portfolio. CSRA delivers added value and reduced risk to cloud solutions by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of our customers’ environments. Earlier this year, we announced our AWS Managed Service Partner status, a distinction that marks the successful culmination of rigorous program requirements examining CSRA’s expertise in cloud infrastructure and application migration.

Imagine the possibilities. We will feature three interactive demos at the conference that illuminate the combined power of CSRA and AWS to advance agency missions, reduce costs, and transform lives:

  • Using Data Integration and Analytics to Advance EPA’s Mission:  Experience how predictive analytics (based on AWS Machine Learning), data science, and cloud services are helping to advance EPA compliance missions, drive down costs, and improve safety. Our demo explores use cases for improving drinking water, boosting emissions compliance, addressing pressing environmental questions involving topics like invasive species and regional environmental contamination, better understanding the ecological health of different environments, and more.
  • Building a FedRAMP High Baseline System in AWS GovCloud (US):  The challenges of building a High Baseline system in the cloud has many considerations that extend well beyond setting up the infrastructure. Overcoming these hurdles can unlock new possibilities for applications once considered too sensitive for the public cloud. This interactive presentation chronicles the step-by-step journey—from operating system set up and lock down to configuring virtual private clouds (leveraging AWS CloudTrail and Amazon Route 53) to setting up event monitoring. This presentation also shows how CSRA has created repeatable processes and best practices that accelerate project delivery, reduce risk, and drive down costs.
  • Combining the Power of AWS and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT):  CSRA will demonstrate the prototype for a geospatial analytics repository and solution built on the AWS platform. The demo highlights a use case that leverages the GEOINT solution and live streaming data to optimize transportation and supply lines during a humanitarian crisis. We also illustrate how this solution and approach can be adapted for many scenarios and use cases that call for geospatial analytics capabilities.

On the Stage

Interact with CSRA thought leaders in educational sessions. CSRA is helping to forge the future with AWS innovation. CSRA colleagues hold more than 150 AWS certifications, and the number continues to grow. 

Join us at the AWS Public Sector Summit for these presentations that capture the excitement and potential of the AWS-CSRA force multiplier:

  • AWS Big Data and Analytics Services Speed Innovation, Tuesday, June 13, 2 p.m.
    Data-driven agencies face extreme data integration and analytics challenges. Decades of point solutions have solved specific mission problems while creating valuable data stores. These data stores, however, are not integrated and are located in various information silos. AWS’s powerful data ingestion and integration services empower agencies to rapidly store more in data lakes for deeper analytics. This discussion will explore how FAA and other agencies are using AWS data integration and analytic services to optimize and innovate with their previously untapped information silos to improve safety and reduce delays. Presenter: Dave Vennergrund, Director, Data and Analytics, CSRA.
  • Digital Transformation with Innovations from AWS – A TED Talk, Tuesday, June 13, 10:45 - 11:00 a.m.
    With approximately 1,000 new features introduced in 2016 and 722 in 2015, AWS has set an amazing pace of innovation ‒ and it continues to add new features to the platform on a weekly basis. CSRA is particularly excited about Serverless architectures, AWS (the image recognition service), Amazon Poly, and Lex Microservices, which can provide valuable solutions to address problems related to data insights, 508 Compliance, and IT modernization as government agencies undertake digital transformation. CSRA is partnering with AWS to harness these new capabilities for powerful solutions that address many complex problems across the Federal government. This presentation will showcase how we are delivering rea.l-life solutions using AWS to securely help government agencies accelerate and ensure the success of their digital transformation journey. Presenter:  Lakshmi Narayan-Ashok, Digital Platforms Service Area Director, CSRA.
  • Migration Considerations in C2S, Wednesday, June 14, 11:00 -11:50 a.m.
    Are you considering migrating to C2S? This session shares migration strategies for your workloads moving to C2S. We walk through the benefits of Rehosting, Refactoring, and other strategies to plan and prepare your applications for migration. This session also showcases new services to help with migration. Don’t wait any longer; get the steps needed to migrate to C2S today. Presenters: Conrad Unciano (CSRA) and Andy Chang (AWS).

For more information on CSRA’s plans for the AWS Public Sector Summit, please contact Nora O’Donnell at

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