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Next in our cloud series, we’ll take a look at another important benefit of the cloud—the advanced technologies that cloud migrations are enabling. 

Taking a Detailed Look at the Different Kinds of Clouds

In this continuation of our series on cloud, let’s take a look at the different cloud architectures that exist in the marketplace and why an organization would choose one over the other.

CSRA’s Dan Pressel Presented with Young AFCEA 40 Under 40 Award

AFCEA is celebrating CSRA’s Principal Solutions Architect Dan Pressel with a Young AFCEA 40 Under 40 Award. The award acknowledges Dan’s contributions to driving innovation and thought leadership through information technology.

Prediction for Inside the Beltway? Cloudy with a Chance of Cost Savings

With the cloud becoming so beneficial across the federal government, we’ve decided to make it the focus of our next series on Thinking Next. Join us for multiple articles focusing on the benefits and challenges of the cloud. But first, let's take a look at what the cloud is and why the government is so interested in it.

Powering the Individual – Why AI is the Future for the Federal Government

Continuing with our series on AI, let’s take a look at some of the overarching challenges impacting all of the federal government and how AI can help to solve them.

Yogesh Khanna Wins 2018 Fed 100 Award

Congratulations to Yogesh Khanna, CSRA’s CTO, for his recognition as a 2018 FCW Fed 100 award winner. The awards recognize the most impactful leaders in industry and government who are transforming government and its ability to deliver on critical missions.

How the Cloud is Powering AI – A Q&A with Kris Skrinak of AWS

What does the future hold for AI and the cloud? We recently asked AWS's Kris Skrinak about the role the cloud has played in making AI what it is today and what tools AWS provides to innovators looking to build the next big AI solution.

Virtualship® Proves Effectiveness of VR for Government Training

Driven by the perpetual improvement of computing technology, virtual reality and augmented reality are no longer technologies confined to the pages of science fiction novels. Our Virtualship® maritime simulation is a good example.

CSRA Mentors Small Businesses to Drive Innovation in Government IT

CSRA has a passion for bringing innovation to government IT and we partner with smaller companies to build innovative solutions that advance agency missions. DHS noticed our strong relationship with Obsidian and awarded us its Mentor-Protégé Team of the Year Award.

Cylance: How AI and Machine Learning Can Turn the Tide on Cyber Threats

CSRA speaks with Cylance about how they are applying artificial intelligence, algorithmic science, and machine learning to cyber security.

The Sun Never Sets on CSRA’s OCONUS Navy Network Team – Part 6: Wrap Up

In the world of the government service industry it can be tempting to think that every company is the same. It’s when I have the opportunity to speak with my CSRA Navy-USMC team out in the field that I’m reminded just how different we are. 

The Sun Never Sets on CSRA’s OCONUS Navy Network Team – Part 5: Naples

 In the post-World War II era, a strong commitment to the safety and security of our European Allies has meant an enduring naval presence in European waters, and the U.S. 6th Fleet serves that mission proudly.  The CSRA OCONUS Navy Network Team serves there too, providing secure and reliable communications for the Fleet.


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