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DevOps has become an effective way for federal agencies to bring new technologies and processes online.

CSRA’s Integrated Technology Center

CSRA's new Integrated Technology Center is a cross-functional collaborative center for IT excellence that serves our federal customers at the highest level.

For over a decade CSRA has been providing 24x7x365 support to NASA’s Discover High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster.

Awareness of 24/7 Cyber Threats is Creating Savvier Approach to Information Security for Federal Agencies

Savvy cyber leaders start from the position that their organization has been breached because it enables them to build an overall posture that is more robust.

Disruptive Technologies Data Goldmine

Today, with the right tools and personnel to drive expert analysis, data can help federal agencies measure and project need, anticipate change and highlight trends.

CSRA ITC Opening Photo

CSRA opened the doors to its Integrated Technology Center in November 2016, marking the completion of a two-year development project that will bring a total of 800 new jobs to Northwest Louisiana by June 2018. 

Balance is Key to Securing Next-Gen Networks for Government Contractors

One of the biggest struggles for government contractors is how to find the right balance between the information security their organizations must have with the tools that their teams need to help agencies deliver on their missions.

Veterans Health Admin Photo

The Rapid HE technique injects expert usability evaluation and clinical expertise into the software design process early and quickly so that developers have better information throughout the Agile software development process. 

How CSRA is Building Mission-Ready Teams

The most important element in delivering on the promise of IT and the tremendous investment that organizations make in it, is the team of people behind the technology. 

Over the last year CSRA has invested in building brilliant teams, melding cultures, and putting diversity to work help its customers solve their most pressing challenges and drive mission success. 

One of the biggest challenges facing federal CIOs is the need to modernize legacy networks and replace aging infrastructure.  

How Next-Generation IT Drives Mission Success

Next-Generation IT is more than just the latest and greatest tech offering – it refers to a technology that changes not only the technical infrastructure for an agency, but also how mission-critical services are delivered. 


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