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How Can We Improve the Customer Experience for Citizens?

The analyst firm Forrester released their Customer Experience Index recently. This annual benchmark of customer experience quality among large global brands analyzes how satisfying a brand’s customer experience (CX) is by measuring customer responses. Federal government agencies are also included in the index, and they didn’t necessarily perform well.

Thinking Next, Now Podcast: Building a Strong Federal Cyber Defense

It's National Cyber Security Awareness Month—a month focused on raising awareness around the cyber security threats facing our nation. In the first of this five-part podcast series, we talked with Amy Howland, CSRA's Chief Information Security Officer, about what cyber defense entails, how the government can improve its cyber defense, and more. 

Building a Strong Federal Cyber Defense

The federal government and the United States military are the prime targets of malicious actors for obvious reasons. We talked with Amy Howland, CSRA's Chief Information Security Officer,  about what cyber defense entails, how the government can improve its cyber defense, and how partnerships with industry can provide even more robust and resilient cyber defenses.

No Time to Waste:  Accelerating the Cyber Talent Pipeline

Jonathan Sholtis, Program Director in CSRA’s Defense Group and Head of CSRA’s Cyber Institute, shares his insight on standardizing cyber training and accelerating the cultivation of skilled cyber practitioners.

CSRA's Liftoff: Challenging Design Thinking

In September 2017, CSRA hosted the Liftoff Design Thinking Challenge, a one-day, hands-on, competition-style event that brought together general aviation pilots, human experience professionals, tec

When it Comes to FITARA and DCOI are Scorecards the Best Way to Assess the DoD

Recently the Department of Defense received two failing grades—‘F’s’ to be precise—on the Data Center Optimization and Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecards. But do the scorecards tell the whole story? 

Strengthening the Federal Government’s Cyber Defenses

After decades of effort to strengthen the federal government’s cyber defenses, are we really more secure? The Center for Strategic and International Studies will host a policy event to discuss how Congress and the Administration can strengthen the federal cyber defenses.

Apple’s New iPhone—and Thinking Next. Now.

Apple’s product announcements always generate a lot of buzz. It’s exciting to see what some of the world’s leading technologists are producing for consumers.

Recess is Over: Accelerating the Government IT Modernization Journey

Congress has returned to Washington, D.C., and the city has begun its brisk autumn cadence. A full agenda awaits both Congress and the Administration—from funding the government’s regular business to emergency relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. 

CSRA and Microsoft: Empowering Agency Digital Transformation

CSRA and Microsoft partner together to empower digital transformation for our federal agency customers.

Capping Off a Month of Big News

August is usually a quiet month in D.C. That’s not the case at CSRA, however. We made news this month with several important announcements and milestones.

Identifying Insider Threats

With reports of cyberattacks more frequently seen in the headlines, organizations are increasingly aware of the need to have cybersecurity measures in place. But they should be careful not to overlook the insider threat as they are crafting their security protocols.


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