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Standardization for Share Service Success

In October 2015, the OMB created a new organization to transform the way government does business internally to improve constituent services: Unified Shared Services Management.

Leading the Way:  FAA Reduces Costs with Shared Services

In a recent Federal News Radio article, Sean Torpey of the FAA noted his agency saved or avoided spending $36 million during their first year of using shared services for email and other capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence is Taking Google to the Next Level

Google has generated some buzz over the past two years for their study of Artificial Intelligence, and the potential ways that AI could be used in the future. CSRA’s CTO Seth Abrams attended a Google Cloud Next Conference, where he gained insight as to how Google’s AI development program could be of use to CSRA and its customers.

Michèle A. Flournoy

One of the many strengths of CSRA is our terrific Board of Directors. The women and men who serve on our Board set the course for the company and represent our shareholders. Check out our video series.

CSRA is Proud to Join CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

CSRA’s president and CEO, Larry Prior, has joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace, the community, and the country.

CSRA’s Chief Technology Officer Yogesh Khanna hosted a webinar to educate the investment community and government IT professionals on the state of cloud technology within the US federal government.

Cloud Adoption in the Federal Government

The White House, GSA and OMB have led the charge in establishing strategies and policies for cloud adoption by introducing the FedRamp program and creating several contract vehicles that enable age

CSRA’s CEO: Outcome-based Contracting a Needed Reform

“Think Next. Now.” is all about focusing on the outcomes. Yet, unfortunately, government procurement is far too often focused on inputs—often to the detriment of achieving an outcome that advances the mission.

CSRA Cyber Institute June 2017 Hackathon: Creative Disruption for Good

In June, the CSRA Cyber Institute hosted CSRA’s second Hackathon, bringing together technologists from across CSRA for two days of collaborative computing and training.

Cloud Computing Enables Sleeker Infrastructure

During CSRA's recent Emerging Technology Day, we spotlighted solutions that are enabling smoother and more efficient federal IT modernization. Federal Technology Insider featured us in their latest installment of “Tech to Watch FY18.”

CSRA Completes Acquisition of NES Associates

There are many factors about this acquisition that are exciting. It’s CSRA’s first acquisition as a public company and celebrating a first is always exhilarating.

On Independence Day We Reflect on What it Means to be American

As we celebrate Independence Day, let’s pause and reflect on what it means to be American.


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