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Delivering the Emerging Technologies of Tomorrow, Today

Emerging Tech Day is a platform to connect companies and their technology with leaders in the federal government.

Generating Real Results from Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The key takeaway from my time at ServiceNow Knowledge17 User Conference? Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of public service.

Protecting IT Capabilities at the Tip of the Spear

Earlier this month, the C4ISR Conference brought together industry and military leaders to discuss the challenges facing the DoD in the areas of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

CSRA Takes Flight at the Quad-A #17Summit

CSRA was proud to demonstrate our flight simulation and training capabilities at the recent Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (“Quad-A”).

ServiceNow: Customer Experience at Lightspeed

As ServiceNow readies to unfurl its latest Jakarta release, they’re focused on demonstrating how new features can help enterprises “Work at Lightspeed.”  Here are some highlights from their recent conference.

Aggressive FedRAMP Goals Coincide with Increasing Cloud Reliance

Recently, Mr. FedRAMP, Matt Goodrich and CSRA's Seth Abrams discussed government cloud adoption, data security, and the changes coming to FedRAMP to support agencies.

From Vision to Reality:  Next-Gen Today at CSRA’s Emerging Technology Day

CSRA’s mission to “Think Next. Now.” challenges us to imagine a better future and deliver it, today. Emerging technology is an essential element of the engine that powers this vision—and sets us apart.

Meeting the Ever-Changing Challenges of Cyberspace

How can we effectively enable the workforce to meet the ever-changing challenges in cyberspace? This was the question on everyone’s mind at the recent CompTIA NYC Cybersecurity Summit. We in the cybersecurity industry all face this same challenge.

Digital Disruption in Data Analytics

Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics vendors continue to be disruptive in two fundamental ways—through self-service tools and cloud-elastic license models. That was the big takeaway from this spring’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit.

Modernizing Government IT

“The efforts that the administration is making combined with this could be a real powerful force to really modernize the government’s outdated IT systems, which are the backbone of our departments and agencies in the federal government.”

The Word from GITEC: Addressing Government’s Needs of Tomorrow, Today

The GITEC Summit in Annapolis this year focused on the continued transformation surrounding the management of information technology for mission-critical functions at government agencies. Here are some key takeaways.

Larry Prior at the Northern Virginia Technology Council

At CSRA, our ultimate customer is the American people. They are, and will always be, our focus. The success of America is our success—and failure is not an option.


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