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CSRA prides itself on building a diverse and inclusive community where all viewpoints are sought out, welcomed and respected. Our point of view shapes our decisions and actions, and guides our thinking that our diverse perspectives are a way to provide the most innovative and imaginative services to our government clients.

Our Point of View

Diversity is more than we can see.  It is having a wealth of individual and organizational backgrounds, beliefs, and skills that reflect the many cultures woven together by our talent, teams, customers and partners.

Inclusion is an environment where all employees have the opportunity to thrive, advance their careers, and champion our corporate mission, vision, and values.

We aim to be the industry leader. We relentlessly strive to build a culture where our uniqueness and commonalities are respected and recognized.  It is what fuels our imagination to Think Next. Now.

Employee Resource Group

Our Employee Resource Groups provide a safe environment for employees to find support, guidance, personal growth, mentorship and friendship.

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CSRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CSRA provides equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all qualified persons. We are committed, to the highest levels of the company, to equal employment opportunity, and the spirit and letter of affirmative action law.

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