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Empower decision-makers, data scientists, and business analysts as well as embedded systems to make mission impacts with real-time, big data analytics. CSRA’s Data and Analytics solutions integrate and analyze all relevant data using Big Data, Cloud-hosted Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Data Management, and Modern Business Intelligence disciplines.

CSRA’s clients use our Data and Analytics solutions to prevent fraud, forecast spending, assess risk, optimize schedules, manage human resources, and analyze intelligence. Our consulting practice includes industry-leading data scientists, Big Data architects, Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing architects, Cloud Data Analytics architects, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)  experts who insert next-generation capabilities including big data distributed architectures, AI/ML frameworks, self-service data tools, economical cloud analytic services, and open-source code. 

Big Data

We analyze structured and unstructured data, with distributed processing big data frameworks to create both operational enhancements and strategic impacts. We build and operate Big Data solutions using open-source Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop; commercial big data stacks from Databricks, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and SAP; and cloud-hosted big data services from Azure HDInsight, AWS Elastic Map Reduce, and Google Dataproc. Our solutions use lambda architectures to ingest both streaming and batch data for real-time insights. CSRA’s NetOwl® text analytics tools offer unique capabilities to exploit text data to help customers derive new insights and make better decisions.

Cloud-Hosted Data Analytics

Cloud-hosted data analytic service s are growing at an exponential rate. Today, our customers are migrating existing databases, data ingestion and treatment, data storage, and legacy Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing assets to commercial clouds. Our partners AWS, Azure, and Google offer fully managed database-as-a-service, data warehouse-as-a-service, elastic big data-as-a-service, deep learning, AI, and more services are offered on a continuing basis. CSRA's cloud analytic solutions leverage these services to create economic, innovative solutions. Our staff includes hundreds of AWS, Azure, and Google certified cloud architects, data architects, and data engineers.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

It’s a data-rich world, and agencies that leverage data science are creating demonstrable value through optimization, innovation, and automation. Every day, more federal agencies are joining early adopters to impact missions with Data Science methods including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Analytics. Open source software, elastic cloud resources, Big Data distributed processing frameworks, and AI-assisted (Smart) self-service tools are driving this new era of data science. We provide data science services directly on client data, help clients select and learn how to use data science tools, and build embedded data science solutions. Our text analytics and predictive analytics solutions are industry-leading solutions, and our staff includes industry leaders in machine learning, predictive analytics, and text analytics.

Enterprise Data Management

CSRA recognizes that not all data is created equal and therefore applies a Bi-Modal approach to data management. In a world with IoT sensors, where more data is created each year, traditional data management solutions fall short—they simply cannot ingest data fast enough. Too much effort is required to land, model, and load data into brittle relational structures. CSRA's Bi-Modal Enterprise Data Management solutions treat high-value data assets with a best practice Data Governance approach—while landing exploratory data for immediate exploitation and eventual governance. Our services include data governance, master data management, metadata management, data cataloging, data integration, data transformation, and data quality. Our next-generation focus is on self-service data preparation tools and AI-assisted data discovery and cataloging tools.

Modern Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BI/DW)

We build Big Data Warehouses and Modern Business Intelligence solutions that rapidly make all data available for reporting and analytics. We extend traditional BI/DW with self-service data preparation, self-service data visualization, and self-service data analytics tools to enable rapid acquisition and analysis of data by a larger community of users—users that now include data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, and executives. Our big data warehouse reference architecture integrates structured, governed (Mode I) data warehouses with unstructured, NoSQL, exploratory (Mode II) data lakes for richer reporting and analytics. 

Our Solutions

We understand that cybersecurity is of paramount importance to all of our government customers. 

We empower decision-makers, end-users, and systems to make mission impacts with real-time, big data analytics. 

We help customers securely journey from traditional IT to a Digital Enterprise with minimum risk.

We help build an efficient and integrated digital government that offers personalized digital experiences for U.S. citizens.

We enhance our customers’ mission capabilities across the federal government, yielding a high return on investment.

We help provide the streamlined customer experience citizens demand when interacting with their government.

For more than 30 years, CSRA has been a trusted partner, helping state agencies deliver effective