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CSRA's Digital Platforms solution helps customers securely journey from traditional IT to a Digital Enterprise with minimum risk.  We support customers in their efforts to deliver agile infrastructure services, including Enterprise Digital Service Management, Cloud Migration, Application Platforms, High Performance Computing, and Mobile Platforms.

Application Platforms

As agencies develop next generation applications to meet new demands, they must have a dynamic application platforms that will scale. Container technology, microservices and DevOps enable innovation, helping agencies scale their infrastructure, development and operations to keep pace with rapid change and support the demand for modern apps.  CSRA's Application Platforms capability encompasses implementation of middleware, containerization platforms, mobile development platforms, databases, testing tools, and automated CI/CD toolchains to provide the optimum IT framework, enabling and accelerating Agile application development and DevOps practices—all in a secure manner while ensuring that IT resources are efficiently utilized.

Cloud Migration

Over the past decade, application portfolio growth has grown by leaps and bounds across federal agencies due to a number of factors, including increased efficiency in application development and availability of technology resources. Maintenance of such large portfolios of applications and data, however, has begun to take its toll on IT budgets, with more than two-thirds of federal IT budgets dedicated to O&M of existing applications. At the same time, the advent of the cloud has created a new, more efficient application delivery and maintenance paradigm. CSRA's cloud migration approach is a set of capabilities, including workload discovery, cloud adoption assessment, migration planning, migration treatments, and integration with Enterprise Digital Service Management (EDSM) to aid customers in reducing risk through assessing existing and future workloads, determining suitability for migrating to the cloud, and utilizing the benefits of the cloud efficiently and securely with minimal disruptions. 

Enterprise Digital Service Management (EDSM)

Organizations adopting customer-centric, service-focused, and automated operations demand a service management approach that goes beyond traditional IT Service Management (ITSM). CSRA's EDSM is an evolutionary leap forward from traditional ITSM, introducing an architecture with unified processes (standardized, automated, integrated, and orchestrated), comprehensive service management platform(s) and related capabilities for managing Federal digital services. EDSM is a lean and agile service management practice designed to help our customers achieve a consistent and comprehensive approach, ensuring success with their most important digital service initiatives.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

As organizations set their sights to drive innovation in the areas of engineering, scientific modeling, R&D, analytics and data storage forward, high performance computing becomes an essential element of their success. CSRA's HPC practice includes the application of massively scaled parallel processing to computational problems that are either too large for standard computers or would take too long. Our extensive portfolio of HPC contracts and experience offer customers unparalleled breadth and depth in this space that results in significant efficiencies, lessons learned and a comprehensive vision of tomorrow consequential in achieving new levels of innovation and insight for your business. 

Journey to Managed Services

In today’s environment of declining resources and the requirement to do more with less as well as improve the quality of service/support provided, the value of managed services shines. By enabling effective cost management, maintaining IT currency, improving information assurance, and allowing customers to return resources to mission, CSRA's Managed Services provides a low risk approach with a flexibility of options that allows the focus to be on mission rather than IT.

Mobile Platforms

As federal agencies explore and evolve their mobile strategy, managed mobility quickly becomes a core capability for effectively scaling the secure deployment and management of mobile applications, enterprise data on mobile devices, and management of the devices and mobile platforms themselves. CSRA's Mobile Platforms solutions deliver MDM/MAM, mobile app development platforms, and Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) to help customers design, deploy and operate a secure ecosystem for the lifecycle management of an agency's mobile devices (order, secure, provision, deploy, manage, de-provision, replace) and mobile apps (gather requirements, design, secure, test, deploy, update and de-commission)—all with strict compliance to federal policies, administrative initiatives, and industry best practices.

Our Solutions

We understand that cybersecurity is of paramount importance to all of our government customers. 

We empower decision-makers, end-users, and systems to make mission impacts with real-time, big data analytics. 

We help customers securely journey from traditional IT to a Digital Enterprise with minimum risk.

We help build an efficient and integrated digital government that offers personalized digital experiences for U.S. citizens.

We enhance our customers’ mission capabilities across the federal government, yielding a high return on investment.

We help provide the streamlined customer experience citizens demand when interacting with their government.

For more than 30 years, CSRA has been a trusted partner, helping state agencies deliver effective